Peri.. My Little Mermaid

Last Friday saw the release for The Little Mermaid, the new movie loosely based on the Hans Christian Anderson Novel. Starring the fabulous Shirley MacLaine as Eloise, an eccentric grandmother who has intimate knowledge of the little mermaid and starts the movie by telling the tale to her two granddaughters.

Also last week was my eldest sisters 60th birthday, and I wanted to make something special for her. I decided on trying my hand at my first structured sculpture, made from half modelling chocolate and half sugarpaste, both by Saracino.

For inspiration I looked to two of my favourite ladies, the first is one of my favourite artists, Miss Fluff, and her piece Blue Mermaid on the Moon. The second is the one and only Baddie Winkle. I thought to myself, ‘if these two were merged together what would that look like?’                                                                                              

           Et voila Peri was born.

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