Jessica Rabbit

What is a bombshell?

The whole concept behind Bombshell Bakes is to turn my bombshells into bakes. Pretty simple right?, but this raised the question ‘what is a bombshell to me?.’  I did the whole google and wiki searches on bombshells, pinups, burlesque and sex symbols to see what the difference is, and my conclusion is nothing! nadda! zilch!

So a bombshell to me is somebody I see as an icon, an inspiration and that I, for whatever reason, admire and these will become my bakes.

“I’m not bad, i’m just drawn that way.”

On the first of every month I will publish my ‘Bombshell of the Month’ and I wanted the first to be published on my birthday. It seemed only fitting that my first Bombshell should be Mrs Jessica Rabbit, a combination of three great icons. The looks of Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall, with the hair of Veronica Lake to wrap up “the ultimate male fantasy,” according to Richard Williams.

The next question is ‘if Jessica Rabbit was a bake, what bake would she be?’. To me there was only one choice for her, a red velvet cake! Rich, smooth, soft and velvety… NOM!

I first saw Jessica Rabbit when i was 10 years old, I got sent to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit in a cinema in Australia, while on a trip of a lifetime with my mother for 3 months. It is fair to say I was rather taken with Jessica and her style, which I believe helped lead the way to my love of the bombshells.

Making a Bombshell..

To make Jessica, I tested out a new product from Sugar Street Studios called Sugar Clay, and built it up around a single 16 gauge wire. Sugar Clay is a new type of modelling paste which is labelled as sculpting like modelling chocolate and blending seamlessly. Well they are not kidding! This stuff is amazing and really forgiving, which for a newb like me is a godsend. They also say that you can add elements without the need for edible glue. YUP those gravity defying boobs.. NO glue and barely any blending to the torso to keep those bad girls up there. At one point I actually wondered what the chances of making underwear out of this stuff would be, then realised that is maybe a bit weird. 20180830_091402-1_resized

Sugar Clay has a long working time. As you work the clay, natural oils release so with my warm hands I had a couple of times where I left it for a spell. I coloured the clay with 2 different gels, the first was Sugarflair Christmas Red. This took a fair amount of gel to get to the red I wanted and made the clay tacky, but again, just left in a bag and it went back to its original clay feel and matte sheen. The second was PME’s Misty Mauve and took less to colour, it did not alter the consistency. In a couple of hours of any work the clay dries into a clear matte sheen.

To finish her off I added red holographic glitter by Rainbow Dust to her dress, I painted her eye with baby blue by Magic Colours and used the Sugarflair Christmas Red for her lips. For her hair i used the red clay i had made for her dress and mixed in some yellow fondant i had leftover from the greatest show cats. I also used this yellow fondant for her earring painted with my Rainbow Dust click-twist brush in metallic light gold. Her hair and gloves were finished with Squires Kitchen confectioners glaze, and the last thing to complete her was her lashes, (these are actual falsies and not edible!).sugar clay redsugar clay lilac

The red velvet slice part of Jessica is a 5 inch deep and 5 inch round polystyrene dummy ,which i cut into a wedge. This was covered all over with Choctastique dark modelling chocolate, and then a white fondant was used to cover the top, back and 3 strips on each side to resemble the cream cheese frosting. I use cerart modelling tools and fine tip paint brushes. Almost everything was purchased from The cake decorating company and i have linked each product to the ones i purchased.

I hope you like her and let me ask you a couple of questions:..

-What is a Bombshell to you?

– If you were to make Jessica Rabbit into a bake, what bake do you think she is?

jessica base
Building up the base on a single wire.
jessica babbage
Adding the arms and boobs
jessica head on (2)
Head is on and facial features shaped. give a light dusting with skintones.
jessica rabbit dress on (2)
Used the red clay to lay the dress shape on Jessica.
jessica rabbit glitter
All glittered up and ready to go!
jessica rabbit hair and makeup
Hair and make up are done.. we are ready to roll!
jessica rabbit b&w blur
Jessica Rabbit black and white
black and white jessica rabbit
Jessica Rabbit B&W
jessica rabbit shadow shot
Jessica Rabbit shadow shot
jessica rabbit blur
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit upshot
Jessica Rabbit upshot
jessica birthday fb
Jessica Rabbit and birthday tea.





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