Hello world!

My bake story begins as a young girl, around 7 years old. While my mum was at work, one of my sisters would have to collect me from junior school, and take me to her senior school for her last lesson every Tuesday and Thursday. One lesson was maths which was ok, but the other was home economics. Now in this lesson all the students had to bring their own ingredients for what they would be baking that day. The teacher would get them to give me their leftovers and I would get to bake too, and I loved it!. Jump forward to a single mum trying to find her way in the world. Climbing many mountains and skirting lots of obstacles to keep a roof over our head, and food in our tummies. Maintaining my sanity was tricky, and I am not quite sure I managed it to be honest. I worked many roles, mainly in sales and marketing, but my last position was at a senior level with a company I had been with for nearly 9 years. This job was pretty much 24/7 to me and although I loved it, and everyone I worked with, it is a hard job. Throughout my years I would have bake spirts and then lull again, looking back these spirts of mine were half love and half procrastibaking. However I did come up with some good bakes and 1 or 2 saucy little numbers. But throughout, my phones album has maintained a 97% image rate of cakes or things that should be a cake. Late 2016, I had been on annual leave and upon my return I was faced with a very hard decision. My position was no longer required, I could move to a choice of other locations or take redundancy. After serious consideration and a lot of fear I decided to take the redundancy and jump into the unknown. I had no idea what to do! I did online quizzes and tests to see what my career should be, top results every time, a therapist/ life coach or teacher. I thought that was a plan so looked into courses and details and seemed quite chuffed at the idea of it all. That was until I spoke to others, all polite smiles and nods but there was this look, then one uttered ‘but you need to be good at listening for that!’, whereas my skills are apparently in talking. As I was leaving, disheartened and mumbling that ‘I am great at listening!’, one of the ladies I worked with bumped into me, as we got to the what are you doing now questions I said about the possibility of coaching etc and that look started to appear again. However, this time she said ‘oh, I thought you would have gone into baking as you love it so much’, said goodbye and off she went. This sat with me for sometime and played on my mind, I mean baking was just something I did now and then not a career, pffft. Then I dared to think what if?, so I looked into courses and what would be involved and got up, went to the college and enrolled in patisserie and confectionary, just like that! Now here I am, I just finished my level 2 in Patisserie and a plethora of online courses in countless subjects, not to mention books galore. I am about to venture into level 3 Patisserie and Confectionary. Try to start my own business, I have a cake trip booked in October, my first holiday since 2006, (sad but true), and I have entered into the largest cake show ever, Cakes International 2018. Have I finally lost the plot?… stick around and we shall see!

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