F is for… Fandom

We all start young!

From a young age we all develop a strong bond to certain T.V. shows, characters, toys, movies and other sometimes crazy objects. When my children were young it was all about Teletubbies, books and teddies. With myself I was all about Sesame Street, The Muppets and movies. As we get older some of our loves remain, but other new joys are added and grow with us. The one I find that is universal with all ages is superheroes!

My 3 most influential fan girl loves!

1 – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Hands down the best thing that appeared on T.V. in the nineties!, everything about this was amazing from the casting to the stories. This show covered so much diversity and subjects for its time, and I still, every few years re-binge my way through from start to finish, and love every minute. I am making a piece soon for a cake collaboration celebrating Joss Whedon, of which I am VERY excited about. However, I was a late arrival so a lot of Buffy related characters have been chosen, so I may chose another of his fantastic works.

2 – Marvel

I love all animation be it on screen or on paper, the art is what I love first and foremost. If I had to choose a universe that I am going to be living in, then that is the Marvel universe. I am more of a movie and T.V. girl than a comic collector, and I have watched all of the Marvel Universe in chronological order up to date. 🤓 Total Geek!

I was in the cinema at midnight ready for the premiere of Captain Marvel’s release on 8th March, and have seen it 3 times already in 2 weeks. I was not sure what to expect from Captain Marvel but I was impressed and obviously enjoyed it 😄. So much so that I decided to make my fandom cake Captain Marvel herself!

3 – Sugarart

I think it is fair to say I have a slight obsession with all things Sugar art, be it cakes, cookies, chocolate, macaron, basically anything sugary and delicious. For many years now I have had my phone jammed with pictures of these creations, and anything I think could be made out of sugar. I never fail to be inspired and amazed by all of the incredible talent out there, and I also love that the cake community is so supporting and inclusive.

Captain Marvel

For my Captain Marvel cake I was inspired by a Captain Marvel comic book #3 cover, illustrated by David Lopez Lopez. 

I wanted to have a second play with a board cake after my Miss Piggy cake so used the same methods for this creation.

To start I drew to size the image I wanted and measured out a board to place, I decided that I wanted a glow around the hand, so added a 6 inch round to the top right of the board. I made some copies of my drawing and cut out around her body and head, I then used an edible black pen and drew around the template onto the board.

I used 2 x 8 inch round butter cakes in total to make Captain Marvel, placing them on the cake board and using the templates on top to cut around. I then covered the whole cake in buttercream and left to chill for 30 minutes. Once chilled I used Renshaw fondant in blue, red and pale yellow to cover the cake in sections, and a skin tone for the face. I finished the cake with some dusts and some white edible glitter paint to highlight around the hand, eyes and hair.

I finished by covering the board in white sugar paste and decorating with Patriotic sprinkles I purchased from Baking Time Club.

Lessons learned on this cake were:

1- Board cakes are best for face on designs, not profile ones!, Profile cakes only look ok at certain angles in this style.

2- Check the cake regularly from different angles at all stages!. I find this is best done by pictures, had I of done this a little more then I would have corrected some slight scale / size issues.


What are your fandoms?




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