D is for… Dontcha wish your cupcake was hot like me!

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake!

Recently, I entered into a cupcake category at this years Salon Culinaire. Being quite new to everything, including cupcakes, I was not sure how it was going to go but decided to just have some fun with it.

My Lil Miss Cupcakes were inspired by the amazing art of Sexyfation. As well as attempting to make them tasty, I wanted to make sure that an array of fabulous women were represented, so I tried hard to ensure that I covered different ethnicities, disability and sizes with my ladies.

The final results were 6 little ladies sat on sugar hearts with 6 heart knicker bottoms on the remaining cupcakes, each knicker heart matching to the underwear of each lady. The cupcakes were Apple Strudel with a cinnamon buttercream, and I am very proud to say I won a bronze medal for them.

My Cupcake Loves

My top 3 cupcake loves come in very different forms, but, to me they make a beautiful whole of cupcake magnificence. In no particular order we have…

The Scranline

Now this gentleman reigns supreme on visuals and graphics, all of his creations are bright, bold and pure magic! I can tell a Scranline bake from a mile away, and that is just another genius thing that makes him so special. The Scranline has a book coming out in April, Sugar Rebels, which I am very excited about and have pre-ordered. It looks AMAZING!->

This is Adorable!!– See how to make it with The Scranline here —https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOX2aJHDNsQ

Peggy Porschen

By far the prettiest patisserie boutique I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in my life to date!. Not only is the boutique in Belgravia stunning, but the cupcakes and other bakes are delightfully feminine, delicate and delicious. If, like me, you have a fondness for pink you will love it!. I do own a few wonderful books by Peggy Porschen, including a marvellous little cupcake book that holds the recipe I used for my cupcake girls.

Donut Eat Bakery

Now I am very lucky in the fact that I have met and hung out with Carrie-Ann whilst solo at my first ever cake international last November. So can say, hand on heart, that she is a truly amazing woman. Not only is she lovely, she can bake and create edible masterpieces, and if that wasn’t enough she can also make them into jewellery and candles!… I know right!!

There is truly no end to her talents and her candles smell amazing, I am regularly sat over my lemon meringue candle daydreaming of patisserie and her macaron earrings. Seriously… check these gems out!

Who are your cupcake crushes?

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