C is for… Change of plans!

Last week had its ups and downs and was a bit of a rollercoaster!

The Downs

We had planned to attend The Sweet Weekend and Masquerade Ball, hosted by the lovely Shawna and Tom Mcgreevy of Cakeheads. This was booked at the start of the year for myself, my daughter and granddaughter, (as mentioned in my first post Hello World, this was my first holiday in 12 years and our first ever family holiday. The whole trip was to be a surprise for my granddaughter, Autumn-Rose, and we had gone to town on the outfits, masks and everything you could think of.

We had a little bit of a mare with our return flight being cancelled a few weeks before we were due to go, but, managed to sort it all out and get everything back on track. Departure date arrived, we got to the airport early and even with suitcases and aeroplanes all around Autumn-Rose remained oblivious, (luckily), to her surprise.  When we tried to check in we could not find our desk anywhere, then we found the flight had been cancelled, and upon looking for further assistance that the airline, (Primera), had gone bankrupt.

Long story short – Tears, Tea but no tantrums!

The good parts, (yes I will find them even in dire situations), Autumn-Rose had a GREAT day! she saw an aeroplane, got loads of new clothes and a talking Twilight-Sparkle toothbrush, and still has no clue of anything being wrong.. oh to be 4 again!

The bad parts no holiday and no money!


The ups

I got to go to the Cake and Bake Show.. You can’t keep this girl away from cake no matter how hard you try!

The show was great, as always, it got me super excited about cakes and bakes I have coming up, and turned any frown upside down.  Instead of waffling on I will let the pictures do the talking, and there are a lot of them!

Special shout out to Molly Robbins and her amazing Pinny by The Sunday Girl Company, and just look at those shoes!!!

Doughnut Time and there awesome names.. Bellatwix Lestrange.. Stranger Rings 2.0..Genius!!

20181007_121044_resized (2) 20181007_141031_resized (2)

I hope I got all of the amazing entries, but if I have missed one then please send me a picture and I will add it on, or post your link in the pictures comments! 🙂

Much Love xx

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