B is for… Bigfoot

Or in this case Smallfoot!

Due for release onto the big screen in the coming week is Smallfoot, where a Yeti named Migo, voiced by Channing Tatum, rattles his community when he discovers something that he didn’t know existed – a human! This is a new animation from the Warner Animation Group and also features the voices of the magnificent Danny Devito and the joyful James Corden.


Is there a Bombshell Bigfoot?

There is no doubt that I am watching this movie, but it did raise the question on if there is a Bombshell Bigfoot out there. So off I went, again, to trusty ol google and started my hunt for the booby Bigfoot. I was not let down, there are some good choices out there for a saucy Sasquatch, and the best results came from searching Yeti Girl and the features from Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

But my heart was taken when I saw a piece by Chad Rocco, with her cheeky tongue out and the genius pumpkin snowballs, which are now known to me as snowkins, and I knew she was the one!


Say Hello to Betty the Yeti!

I started off by making the snowkins, I did this by building up white fondant around a polystyrene ball on both of the larger balls. For the final snowkin on top I just used a small round of fondant. pumpkin snowballs finishedI placed a 16 gauge wire through all three, and then marked out the facial features using a ball tool ,and the end of my cerart smoother.

I finished off the snowkins by dry dusting them with a variety of silvers and blues until I built up the colors I wanted.

As a final touch I used two chocolate, blue balls that I received in one of my cake bags, and placed them in the largest snowkins eyes.

I was really happy with how they came out.


I then moved onto my version of Betty herself, as you can see in the above picture, I used a 16 gauge wire and shaped it to fit across her hips and down both legs. I also added a single 16 gauge wire through her torso, and into her head, and separate pieces for her arms and hands. chest is on

I used Sugar Clay by Sugar Street Studios, for the whole of the white sections of Betty, and weighed out each section to ensure consistency, as follows:

  • Lower Legs – 18 grams each
  • Upper Legs – 18 grams each
  • Hips & Butt – 50 grams
  • Chest – 30 grams
  • Bust – 10 grams each
  • Arms – 16 grams each – top & lower
  • Head – 25 grams total – wrapped around a small polystyrene egg.

For the hands and feet I used Massa Ticino in pitch black ,and painted a little lilac shimmer on her nails.

  • Hands – 16 grams each
  • Feet – 20 grams each

I finished by placing the snowkins and Betty the Yeti, onto a cylinder of polystyrene, cut in half lengthwise, which was covered in Beau white modelling chocolate and some sugar balls.

Overall I am happy with what i have achieved today, unfortunately her little poking out tongue is not so obvious in the pics, but it was a great piece to practice on, so a thumbs up overall 🙂

As always, lets round this off with a couple of questions!

  1. Does the Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti exist?
  2. What is your favourite Danny Devito character to date?

lower half betty and snowkinstongue out bettyrouge betty close up and top snowkinsnowball pumpkinsbetty the yeti shadow close upbig foot and big pumpkin snowballlight up snowball pumpkins

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