A is for… ALICE

My daughter, Billie, has been in love with Alice in Wonderland practically since birth. She has a vast collection of all things Alice and I have no doubt this is one love that will last a lifetime. So it only made sense to start our alphabet with Alice and sugar her up.

I asked Billie why she loves Alice and she said that she liked the characters and how varied the franchise is, no matter what genre you like there is a variant of Alice that will cater to it.

I think it is fair to say that most people know of Alice in Wonderland in one form or another. Whether it be from the original Lewis Carroll book, written in 1865, or from games, cartoons, books, comics, toys or one of the many animations, TV shows or movie versions that have been made, most recently the fabulous duo by Tim Burton.  The original book has never been out of publication and I doubt it ever will as it is loved by children and adults alike.


A wonderful piece by an amazing artist i found Flufflepot


Curioser and Curioser

There are so many fantastic characters in Wonderland and no doubt they will all be sugared by me at some time, and I think they are what make the story with all their nonsense. What does Wonderland represent?, is it just a fantastic place to go and be crazy, or is there a darker twist of it is us going inside of ourselves to escape this world… DEEP EH!

A very happy unbirthday to you!

Enough of that, lets sugar this baby up!.. upon one of my online window shops, I came across this wonderful little white rabbit cake stand made by Marquis & Dawe, on notonthehighstreet and bought it immediately for Alice.White rabbit left.jpg From the get go I wanted Alice to be black and white and my original plan for Alice on the cake stand was to have her on her knees peeking over the edge, down at the white rabbit. I got my wire shaped and ready, but, as soon as I put her head on she flopped.

HMMM new plan needed, structurally she would have to be upright, so I took inspiration from another of my favorite artists, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, and her Alice and Snow White piece. I came up with Alice and the Mushrooms, with a slight look, to me anyway, of the beautiful Ryan Ashley.

Billie has said that the style I’ve used for this particular topper is similar to the darker styling of American Mcgee‘s Alice.

I had no clue so I did what I always do and googled it!, and I can see what she means. I told you the girl knows her Alice! If we are lucky, maybe Billie will write a piece on Alice to add on to this?


Everything white on this piece is Sugar Clay by Sugar Street Studios, and everything black is by Massa Tiscino. To make the mushroom I used Choctastique as the core. I rolled out equal thickness of both the sugar clay and the Massa Tiscino and cut 1 cm strips to fit around the stalk of the mushroom. To cover the top, I partially rolled out some sugar clay and placed different black spots and ovals, then gently rolled into the sugar clay and used to cover the mushroom cup.

Alice’s head was built around an egg shaped polystyrene ball, using the sugar clay, and finishing with Sugarflair in platinum, Rainbow Dust’s click twist brush in metallic dark silver, and Rolkem dusts in white, dark grey and black dusts. As finishing touches I used Rainbow Dusts metallic food paint in pearlescent lilac for her lips, and little false lashes for the edges of her eyes. Alice was built up with a single 16 gauge wire as a support through her torso and head. Everything used, except for the Rolkem, was purchased from The cake decorating company.

I hope you like her, here are a couple of questions for you…

1- What is your favourite style of Alice?

2-If you could be anyone in WONDERLAND, who would you be?


Alice and White Rabbit side backBW ALICE GLOWWhite rabbit rightbright balloon Alice and the white rabbitPeek a boo AliceAlice close upAlice and the mushroomsFull length Alice black back

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